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i'm a full-stack web developer, proficient at building responsive web applications, mostly experienced in JavaScript (ES6) and ReactJS, but motivated to develop and expand my skills within my next role,

here is some of my recent work...



I have recently completed a 12-week intensive software development course at _nology. This course was primarily centred on JavaScript and React. It tackled both technical coding finesse and practical workplace skills such as testing, pair programming, user stories and backlog creation.

I am now seeking opportunites for a junior software developer position.

I'd describe myself as a full stack developer, I like being creative with visual design in UX/UI, but equally enjoy logic and problem solving. I enjoy writing clean, concise and modern code. I build mobile first, intuative and responsive web apps.

Here's the tech stack I've been working with..


sept '20 - dec 20'

I completed this intensive 12 week software development course so I could take my passion for tech, and turn it into a career by learning and embedding a solid foundation of modern software development skills.

The curriculum primarily centred around Javascript & React, and gave me the opportunity to work on a real-client project. In 5 weeks we built a “Shift Reporter” web application for managing a mining workforce and fleet of vehicles.

I worked in a team of 8, using agile development and the Scrum framework, working in weekly sprints and pair-programming. I also had the opportunity to start the project as team-leader, setting up the first sprint, running daily stand-ups, communicating with the clients / product owner and presenting our progress at the end of the week.

NHS (Sitel)

may '20 - present'

NHS Test and Trace Programme. This is my first expreience of a fully remote work from home role, using remote desktop AWS software.

This has been a very valuable time management experience as I have balanced supporting my family with an income whilst investing full time education training at _nology.

I am part of a large team helping to manage the response to the coronavirus pandemic in the UK. Ringing contacts of confirmed cases of Covid-19 (coronavirus) to gather personal identifiable information and review symptoms. Offering relevant advice regards isolation, testing and answer any questions or queries. Work from home role, using AWS remote desktop software (Amazon Workspaces), call handler systems (Synergy, RingCentral) through headset, adhering to strict GDPR data protection regulations.

John Lewis

sept '11 - may '20

Deliver and influence brand image & customer experience through market leading store design, layout and presentation standard. Deliver commercial outcomes through driving sales and managing costs. Set direction and lead the delivery of a safe, legal and compliant operation (H&S, Facilities, Logistics).

Create the conditions for empowered individuals to thrive, coach and develop others (personal development, performance management, talent & succession planning). Role model an outstanding internal/external customer experience through a customer focused team, delivering excellence in service and shopkeeping. Manage multiple external stakeholders (Visual Merchandising, Logistics, Buying & Merchandising, Brands/Suppliers, Facilities).

Chair the democratic function to unlock the potential for 120 Partners' opinion to shape and influence business performance.


aug '07 - sept 11'

Deputise for store manager including sole site responsibility. Lead a sales team to drive profit through exemplary sales and service.

Regionally train and develop across a network of store teams in safe and legal mechanical skills (Bike maintenance and repair, Child seat safety & fitting, Automobile parts).


I’m a very competitive person and I hold myself to high standards. I enjoy logic and problem solving, and throughout my career I have always found this to be one of my key strengths. I’m an ambitious person and I’d like to progress my career to a senior level, within both my two major employers I’ve shown strong development and progression. I’m an experienced leader and a strong team player.

I’m due to be married to my fiancé Sally and together we have a son, Arthur. He is a large motivation in life for me, I want to have a career I can be proud of, and provide for my family. We both like to travel abroad and also explore the UK, often visiting national trust sites. We live in Tamworth, (near Birmingham) I have other family in Yeovil, Swansea and Bristol, we often gather in Bristol to see each other.

In my spare time I enjoy working with my hands, I still keep up bicycle maintenance and I do lots of DIY, I recently challenged myself to refitting the bathroom in my home. I also enjoy console gaming, mainly RPG games or online with Call of Duty Zombies / Battle Royale. I enjoy TV Shows and Cinema and anything Star Wars related. And I’ve always had an active interest in Tech including video editing and electronics repair.